Where I Landed

July 15, 2012 I have had so many food ups and downs since learning that I do not need to eat gluten free.  That’s right I do not have to eat gluten free.  What I wrestled with is how far back did I want to turn.  Feeling lost?  Let me catch you up. After the … Continue reading

We’ve Got Trouble with a Capital “D”

June 11, 2012 Oh the joys of unprocessed eating.  I have heard it called ‘clean eating’ a lot lately also.  Call it whatever you want my daughters are NOT buying into it.  I had some dreams that once I was home with them full time in the summer that I could magically transform their tastebuds.  … Continue reading

You Have to Feel It in Your Heart

April 27th, 2012 I have been putting off writing a new post.  I was waiting for some kind of inspiration to hit so I could tell a positive upbeat story.  I’m still waiting…… I realized over the last week that my life right now is divided in two.  The first half is the “before I … Continue reading

Fast Food Industry Secrets

Originally posted on Moment Matters:
7 ingredients to make Chicken Nuggets, including Silicone – yeah, that one they use for breast implants. Photo from photoXpress Fast food is in every corner of every major city of the world. And how can they ever run out of business, people would prefer to watch streamed TV shows…

Almost Fresh Salsa

We have a Mexican night at least once a week. It usually consists of ground beef with my own taco spices and then made into soft or crunchy tacos, or nachos.  In the summertime we like to grill chicken or sirloin with peppers and onions for fajitas. Along the way I have realized how easy … Continue reading