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I Am Only Human

July 27, 2012 It has been roughly 6 months since the beginning of my undertaking.  My health is slowly but surely improving with what I hope is a correct diagnosis (finally!  After almost 2 years!)  The last appointment to my rheumatologist revealed low levels of vitamin D.  We are hoping with treatment this will explain … Continue reading

We’ve Got Trouble with a Capital “D”

June 11, 2012 Oh the joys of unprocessed eating.  I have heard it called ‘clean eating’ a lot lately also.  Call it whatever you want my daughters are NOT buying into it.  I had some dreams that once I was home with them full time in the summer that I could magically transform their tastebuds.  … Continue reading

Take time to smell the soup stock

January 17th, 2012 As I looked at some of the site stats from last week I realized that on January 13 I had 13 posts and 13 followers.  Not that it has any deep meaning but I thought it was interesting enough to note.  I had discussed with a loyal reader that I might delve … Continue reading

I’m cleanin’ out my closet

January 11, 2012  (That title is for you A.K.M. wika wika Slim Shady) Week 1 Checkup- Weight: 185   (-4 lbs)  PRO I didn’t write down what I ate or count calories or points.  I simply did my best to eat real life, fresh or frozen, whole foods.   PRO My stomach doesn’t hurt at night and I … Continue reading

Shannon threw out the Oreos

January 10, 2012 I didn’t tell him to.  I didn’t ask him to.  I didn’t even know he did it.  Shannon threw out the Oreos. I finally told him on Saturday afternoon that I had started writing this blog.  I asked if he would like to read it and his reply was, “Why?  I am … Continue reading

Where it all went wrong

January 7, 2012 Do you remember when you were a kid (or an adult) and your family got their first microwave?  The stores began to stock their shelves with all kinds of amazing products.  I was so envious of some of my friends.  Not only were they “town kids” who could ride their bikes to … Continue reading

Again with the Grains

January 6, 2012 I fried fish tonight.  I fried cut-up pieces of Swai coated in corn meal and corn flour    in olive oil and butter.  Shannon cut up white potatoes and baked them in the oven  at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.  I microwaved a California blend vegetable mix with butter.  The girls loved the … Continue reading