Wrapping It Up

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

January 5, 2013

One year has passed since my undertaking began.  I should probably say I can’t believe a whole year has passed.  I really feel like an entire lifetime has passed.  Everything I thought I knew about nutrition and the food we eat has changed.  The most important thing I have learned is that I knew NOTHING about nutrition.  I thought I did.  Eat less, exercise more, right?  Who knew that the quality of food you eat matters so much more.  I will be doing a series of posts this week to wrap up my undertaking.  I will share some more recipes and experiences.  What I still struggle with and what I have overcome.  Hopefully, I have inspired some to make small changes or even better large, overhauling changes of the way we look at food and eat.

My post today will focus on what foods I no longer eat and the foods that have replaced them.


We only eat beef, pork, eggs, and milk that are raised locally.  With butter, cheese, and poultry I do my best to choose the best options that I can find.  Sometimes I buy local raw milk cheese or cheese that says no hormones have been used. And yes we drink raw milk from a local farmer.  I store it in half gallon mason jars and put drops of liquid silver in it which is a natural antibiotic. The creams rises to the top and it is the thickest milk we have ever drank.  I wouldn’t trade this change in our lives if you paid me.  Since we started drinking local raw milk my 4 year old’s allergies have all but gone away.  This is a big deal as we own a nebulizer and had to give her breathing treatments at the first sign of a cold.  I do not know what the link is I just know that this very real change happened after she started drinking raw milk.

  I firmly, firmly believe that our girls are affected by all of the hormones being injected into farm animals.  The age for the start of puberty in girls has been lowered as a national average.  More and More girls are developing curvy figures and going through puberty at a younger age.  I believe the hormones in the food they eat directly affects this.

All of our beef and pork is local.  Like most things it takes planning to save the money to buy the meat and process it.  It is worth all of the effort and saving.  I know how the animals were fed and can be assured that no hormones were used.


Most of our produce is fresh or came out of the garden and was frozen or canned.  If I buy canned or frozen produce it has no added salt, sugar, or sauces.  Basically, the least amount of processing I can find.


I no longer eat margarine, foods made with soybean oil, or corn syrup.  Let me tell you this rules out most things in a package or box. 

If you looked in my fridge and cabinets you would find olive oil, butter, coconut oil, lard, and canola oil.  I don’t use the canola oil much.  Over the holidays I bought crisco to use in the icing for my sugar cookies.  I thought about experimenting with lard but then thought twice. 🙂  After all the holiday cookies are a once a year treat not an everyday indulgence. 

Whole grains

This is the trickiest for me because this is the hardest area to monitor what we are really getting.  Most wheat grown in the U.S. is genetically modified.  Is this modification causing problems for our digestive systems?  I can’t say.  As you know the first half of last year I was on a highly restrictive gluten free diet.  Being allowed to eat gluten again I have had to decide if I really want it back in my diet.  I don’t eat store bought bread much.  If I am somewhere and sandwiches are being served I will eat it but as a regular part of life I don’t partake.  I buy Wheat Montana Farms and Bakery flour which can be found at Walmart stores.  It is sold by a independent farm.  This flour is organic and Non-GMO.  If it is a party or other special occasion I still eat snacks (crackers, chips, etc).  Some of my favorite desserts do not contain any flour.  I already posted my oatmeal cookie recipe but I plan to add more like Whole Foods black bean brownies.  They are fudgy and delicious.  I promise!

At the beginning of my post I included two photos.  One from Christmas 2011 and one from Christmas 2012.  I see a difference in the way I look.  I wonder if anyone else will?






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