Losing Interest

November 17th, 2012

So I have slacked off in keeping readers informed of day to day life in our little kitchen.  I was beginning to bore myself with falling off and getting back on the unprocessed wagon and so naturally assumed kind readers were losing interest as well.  After some taunting about not posting for over a month I am struggling as to what I should post about.  Each day is an effort to decide what to make for breakfast and lunch and I struggle with an neverending addiction to sugar.

When I first began this undertaking I set a goal of eating unprocessed for one year to restore my health.  I have less than two months left to the end of this project.  In December I will have my iron and Vitamin D levels checked to see if I have made progress in getting both levels up.  (I can already tell you that my iron levels are up.  I was able to donate blood a month ago!)  In January my blog will come to an end.  What began as an overwhelming, daunting task has become a lifestyle.  Looking back to an earlier blog about drinking hot chocolate shocks me.  Was there really a day when a package of powdered nasty hot chocolate tasted good to me?  This winter I will be making hot chocolate with raw whole milk, cocoa powder, and brown sugar.  It will be rich and amazing.  What did the sugar cookies taste like that I made with margarine?  They couldn’t have been as good as the batches already rolled and cut out this year made with real butter.

The grocery store no longer seems as complex.  I don’t have to read labels on spaghetti sauce jars.  Blending a can of diced tomatoes with garlic, oregano, and basil to mix with pasta and local beef seems so simple.  Why use a jar with soybean oil and high fructose corn syrup?  Easy picks for yogurt and sour cream are Dannon Plain Yogurt and Daisy sour cream.  There is nothing confusing about an ingredients label that says: milk.  Add some raw honey and cinnamon to the yogurt.  It is delicious.

Does it take some time for your taste buds to readjust?  Absolutely.  Everything we eat has been altered with sugar and flavor enhancers.  When we eat real food it may not taste as good.  Eat unprocessed and natural for a month.  Maybe even a week.  Then eat say, a Little Debbie snack cake.  If you tell me it still tastes good to you then I will know you are a liar.  Eat two or three Little Debbie Snake cakes within a few hours or days and your taste buds will have to be retrained.  That is how these foods are made with the intention to trick you into thinking they are amazing.  What you are actually eating is truly garbage.

I would like to say that eating unprocessed is just as quick and easy as preparing and consuming prepackaged foods.  I would not be telling the truth.  It takes planning and effort.  Sometimes I wish I still ate frozen entrees for lunch.  I have to get pretty creative.  On Friday I had a bagel with homemade hummus spread on it and a cup of grapes.  Did it taste good? Yes!  Did I have to make the hummus the night before?  Yes!  What could I have been doing with that time?  Wasting it on Pinterest or Facebook.  In life we have to make an effort to accomplish things that are important to us.  Perhaps that time I waste preparing my food will add extra time on to the end of my life.  I am sure there will be even more interesting pins on Pinterest when that time comes.


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