The Miracle of Perseverance

September 27, 2012


It happened one Morning.  It was a regular morning full of begging and pleading with my oldest to get out of bed, negotiations on what to wear to school, and asking her if she would like any breakfast.  It took a few minutes for her answer to actually register.  “I want a wanolba bar.”  It was like when the film at the movies gets caught and slows words down.  “Wwannnoolbba bbbaaarrr.”  I was so excited but didn’t want to let on.  I didn’t want to scare away this mystical creature and her magical request for something besides candy or a “pop up” (toaster strudel).  I scurried out to the garage to retrieve the red wrapped CRUNCHY cinnamon wanolba bar.  These were the all-natural true to life granola bars not the chewy chocolatey might as well be a candy bar granola bar.  And the best part of this moment…. she actually ate it! I started to notice her other food choices.  Apples for a night time snack, bananas, grapes, and drinkable yogurt after school, peanut butter and crackers.  It seems, for now, the days of hanging on the refrigerator and begging for “dahogs” and ice cream could be behind us.  One day she even ate a baby carrot.  It was just one carrot but I wanted to hug her and tell her how proud I was of her.  I am so glad that I did not give up.

I have not given up on myself either.  After my month of faltering I renewed my committment to the natural life.  I experimented with Cosmic Brownies and orange colored peanut butter crackers for awhile but I came back.  I know it is just not for me anymore.  And for the first time I feel like maybe it won’t be the life for my little girls either.


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