I Am Only Human

July 27, 2012

It has been roughly 6 months since the beginning of my undertaking.  My health is slowly but surely improving with what I hope is a correct diagnosis (finally!  After almost 2 years!)  The last appointment to my rheumatologist revealed low levels of vitamin D.  We are hoping with treatment this will explain the mysterious arthritis pain I experience.  And so with all of this under my belt and looking forward to a healthy future I am happy to report that I eat perfectly everyday.  Well, most days I eat perfectly..at least one meal a day is perfect..I don’t snack on anything processed…oh I’ll just cut the crap.  This is even harder than it was before.

Before I was vigilant about what I ate.  I was terrified a slip-up would send me into an episode of pain and stomach upset.  IT WAS SO MUCH EASIER!!  Without my dietary guidelines I am struggling more and more.  Each night I go to bed thinking tomorrow I will do better.  Breakfast is always fine.  I do great at breakfast.  Smoothies, oatmeal, fruit, eggs, homemade bread.  I am a great champion of my cause in the morning.  For that matter supper is usually great as well.  We make everything from scratch and this time of year is full of friendly gardeners’ bounty.  I fall hard and I mean HARD at lunchtime.  I have already explained the dahog (hotdog!) situation in my house and lately that addiction has been accompanied by canned potato chips.  I know it is my fault.  Why am I buying them for the girls to eat at lunch?  I still buy chips and lunchmeat for Shannon to eat at lunchtime.  The girls curl up beside Daddy, smile sweetly, and stick their little hands into his bags/cans of chips.  I have been forcing the oldest to eat grapes, apples, or raisins with her lunch.  But I am ashamed to say this is only accomplished with the promise of more chips once she has eaten her fruit.

What does this have to do with me?  I find myself fixing everyone else’s lunch and then looking around thinking “What am I going to eat?”  Sadly, most days I eat what is left on their plates because I don’t know what to eat.  There are times when I prepare a large batch of quinoa to mix with veggies for several days or choose fruit and yogurt or guacomole and tortilla chips.  These menus seems to be occurring less and less frequently.

My next stumbling block.  Snacktime.  We don’t have an official snacktime but I snack.  I am embarassed to admit this but it is generally sweet in the form of a handful of chocolate chips.  After I vowed to swear off Hershey Bars, which I have for the most part accomplished, I have not given up chocolate completely like I know I should.

I am hoping with the confession of this post to shame myself (I need a good slap in the face!) into getting it together and take some action during the mid-day.  Help me if you can.  Scold me and tell me to get it together!  I have 6 months left to my commitment to change my life. I can’t give up now.


2 thoughts on “I Am Only Human

  1. Watch the ingredients on your D3 supplement; it’s often suspended in soybean oil! Can’t believe I let this slip by, my daughter pointed it out to me and I checked mine and sure enough, soybean oil!

    • Thanks for the heads up! My D3 is a prescription of 10,000 IU that I take once a week. I checked the ingredients and it is lecithin and kosher bovine gelatin. I looked up the FDA labeling requirements for lecithin and if it is derived from soy they have to label it as that. So I think I am safe!

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