We’ve Got Trouble with a Capital “D”


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June 11, 2012

Oh the joys of unprocessed eating.  I have heard it called ‘clean eating’ a lot lately also.  Call it whatever you want my daughters are NOT buying into it.  I had some dreams that once I was home with them full time in the summer that I could magically transform their tastebuds.  Can’t you imagine two angelic little faces framed with curly red hair waiting at the dinner table for their delicious…raw vegetables? No?  Okay same scenario waiting for their delicious…oatmeal?  No that’s not working out in your head either?  Fruit?  Ehhhh, maybe on a great day.  So what do my lovely little girls ask for?  What is the staple of their diet that I HATE feeding to them but don’t know how to get them out of my life?  DaHogs.  What’s that?  You don’t know what a Dahog is?  Let me say it in English for you Hot Dog.  On Bun.  With Ketchup.  Get it right lady or get out of the house.  The 3 year old hasn’t told me to get out, yet, but I have a feeling it is coming.  As soon as I tell her the world stopped making Dahogs.

Like it isn’t hard enough to find unprocessed tasty things that I want to eat I also have to find things a 1 and 3 year old will eat.  I have these delusions that I am a really tough mom and if they won’t eat what I serve then I am not feeding them anything else.  That’s right I will starve them out to make them love unprocessed.  They will starve in 14 minutes right?  Because that’s about as far I as have made it without giving in to their hungry little pleas. Yes, I am a tough mom.  You Betcha. As soon I have perfected the unprocessed toddler cuisine of my dreams I will let you know.  In the meantime maybe I will force my 3 year old to take bites of the ‘clean’ stuff or she won’t get a cookie.  And I mean it.  No cookie.  I’m serious………


2 thoughts on “We’ve Got Trouble with a Capital “D”

  1. Love your blog. Love – Love- Love it. You are so honest and right on target. Sometimes I am like those lovely little girls and just want salsa and chips. Hang in there.

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