Bone Broth, Fermented Foods, and a Colonoscopy

June 6th, 2012

It has been well over a month since I have documented our undertaking.  It is time to get back on track and explain my absence and where we go from here.

5 month checkup: 179 lbs.  (-10)

Overall health: Meh but hopeful.


In my last post I finally came clean about my joint pain and how I was really feeling.  Even though I wasn’t writing I was still reading and I was doing my best to stay true to unprocessed foods.  I read books on autoimmune diseases and what foods could cure them.  With renewed faith and zest I purchased unpasteurized organic saurkraut from I fermented rice flour to make sourdough bread.  I collected bones from every meal that had them and made my own bone broth.  You see these books claimed that eating fermented foods and real stock made from bones and marrow would make me well.  I even purchased kefir grains to ferment milk.  I was sure I was going to fix myself this had to work!  If these foods were good for me I would love to eat them.  I could hardly wait for the saurkraut to arrive in the mail.

UMM have you ever eaten saurkraut without a fat sausage on a bun with mustard and relish and a beer on the side?  Now I can say that I have.  Everyday for 3 weeks.  Let’s just say it doesn’t taste the same alone.  I wish I could say that the fermented kefir milk tasted like yogurt but, ok, let’s be honest, would you have tried it?  I didn’t either.  The idea of it was much more appealing than the actual look and smell.  Down the drain it went.

Next, the bone broth.  The bone broth is actually very good. You know when they talk about chicken soup being healing when you are sick?  This is the kind of chicken soup they are talking about.  Slowly simmered bones with garlic, oregano, carrots, celery, onion.  The marrow from the bones has so many amazing nutrients.   I use a little red wine vinegar sprinkled on the bones to kick start soaking out the nutrients.  Thank goodness I enjoy it because I do feel better when my diet consists of this broth.  The sourdough bread is a perfect companion to this broth.  Sometimes I add a few pieces of raw milk cheese or at least natural cheese made from non-hormone (I will adress hormones on another day) injected milk. (they sell it at Sam’s Club!)

Even though I was feeling better I had to ask, “Is this how I should eat forever?”  I already had dr. appointments made and planned on addressing this with both the rheumatologist and the gastro.  They both agree it is no way to live and so I have been needle pricked dozens of times drank more laxative than I ever imagined possible and had three barium cocktails just yesterday.  I had an upper scope, a colonoscopy, and a ct scan all within 2 days. Each with the promise that I should know something by the end of this month. 

I already realized something so important while going through all of this.  (well, besides that fermented milk is just straight up nasty!) I am so fortunate.  While getting my second IV I thought of those who endure countless chemo and radiation treatments.  I thought of my own girls and all of the parents who would trade anything for their children to not have to go through worse tests and treatments than what I have already been through.  When I thought of those things it put everything in perspective.  If all I have to do is drink broth and fermented bread to feel better then how lucky am I?  I am sure there are thousands who would gladly trade places with me.  That is enough to keep me going for a long time.






5 thoughts on “Bone Broth, Fermented Foods, and a Colonoscopy

  1. Jackie! I love reading your blog! I LOVE sauerkraut by itself. I’m not kidding, my grandma made homemade sauerkraut and we always had it as a side at their house. I miss it and love it.

    My question is about the natural cheese from Sam’s. What exactly is it? I’ve never seen it there, so I’m sure I’m just not looking in the right place.

    We are not going completely unprocessed but I am trying to do a better job feeding my kids. Have you tried making your own larabars? They’re a really great snack, and good for the kids. Well, at least better than candy or a normal granola bar.

    Thanks again for the blog. It’s such an interesting thing to read!

    • Hilary, I am always so glad to hear someone reads this! I haven’t tried homemade larabars. Can I find the recipe online? It’s a daily struggle with my girls but I am not giving up!
      The cheese I buy is the brand Tillamook at Sam’s. It is in the cheese with all of the ‘fancy’ cheeses. The Monterrey jack is amazing! So creamy and buttery tasting! I hope you can find it.
      I am still eating the sauerkraut. You grandma probably knew some secret to good health so even though I don’t like it I am still eating it!

  2. Have you tried water kefir? Apparently you add fruit juice to it and it tastes good. And it has a ton of probiotics in it.

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