Paleo Food Diary

March 5, 2012-


2 scrambled eggs, grapes, and almonds

11:30 am- start to have trouble forming sentences, see black popping spots, almost black out in front of 18 high school Freshmen.  Quickly drink water, sit down, eat more grapes and almonds. Finally, resort to eating two pieces of candy to get blood sugar back up.

12:20 pm- still feeling light-headed, exhausted


Plain sweet potato, mixed vegetables, celery and hummus (realize hummus is a no-no because it is a legume), more grapes and almonds.  Still not feeling quite right.

4:00 – I’m over it.  I am starving.

6:00- Supper  Sausage patties, buckwheat pancakes, and maple syrup.

8:30- Falling asleep on the couch and ready for bed.

Day 2 March 6, 2012

Woke up to my stomach turning and growling.  Begging and pleading with myself to eat yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast so I don’t have a repeat of yesterday.  Finally, after trying to decide what to actually eat today I realize this is stupid.

If I had lived in the actual paleolithic period I would have been milking myself to make cheese and yogurt and praying for the dawn of agriculture so I could have some peas.

p.s.  Cordain says to saute your eggs in olive oil.  I’m pretty sure the hunter-gathers weren’t cold pressing olives to saute their mammoth steaks.


9 thoughts on “Paleo Food Diary

  1. I’m no expert but I do have a lot of experience in low-carb and paleo type diets over the past year. I’m guessing that you went a little too low carb for your body and that’s why you “bottomed out” in front of your students. (I’m sure that was not a good feeling!) A paleo diet isn’t for everyone although I do think everyone should be trending toward a lower-carb diet. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should gradually work into a lower-carb diet. Your body needs to adapt to a “fat-burning” mode. Most of us (with USDA approval) have been “carb-burners” for a long time. My path to low-carb and fat-burning happened gradually over a period of several months. If I could eat an occasional buckwheat pancake; I’m sure that I would. I can’t. I can eat little bits of dairy, mostly small amouts of heavy cream, butter, and occasional bits of sour cream or cheese. Anytime I try to add back my beloved greek style yogurt I seem to get into trouble.:( Dairy is one of those things that can cross-react with gluten; meaning that my body may mistake the protein in dairy with that of gluten. I don’t know if that’s what is happening here or maybe my body just doesn’t handle dairy for some other reason.

    Not everyone will be happy or thrive on the same exact diet. We all have to listen to our bodies. By eliminating the processed foods and nasty oils I believe you are on a path to better health for you and your family. Over the long haul I think you will see weight loss too; but the “health” part needs to come first. If you are concerned with dairy or legumes or whatever; many paleo advocates suggest that you cut that food out of your diet for 30 days. If at the end of that 30 days you don’t feel better and you have no negative reaction when you put it back into your diet then you can consider that item “safe for you”.

    Hang in there and keep reading those labels. I picked up a bag of dried blueberries last week and read the label. It contained: blueberries, sugar, & soybean oil!! It’s bad enough that I can’t find dried blueberries without sugar, but why in the world would they douse them in soybean oil!!

  2. I’m laughing so hard, Jackie! Not at your awful experience with the Paleo diet, but that you wrote about it with such a great sense of humor 🙂 I have been enjoying your blog very much, and your efforts toward healthier eating are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your experiences — good and bad!

  3. If you want to live this lifestyle you have to make a fare amount of tweaks to your Paleo diet plan! You’re totally NOT eating enough at all! You need to eat far more protein that you did! And that goes for healthy fats too! If you try it again, definitely load up on the lean steak or some fish! Salmon is by far the tastiest thing on the planet!

  4. I totally agree with GiGi – you do need more protein and more healthy fats. Often the key to a successful low-carb diet is not being afraid to add more of the healthy fats. That said; I sort of left out one of the main points that I intended to make in my prior message. (I hope it didn’t sound too preachy, I didn’t intend for it to) The Paleo diet is essentially an anti-inflammatory diet. For me, dairy is inflammatory so I must limit it. If dairy is not inflammatory for you then you can safely include it. Not everyone agrees on what’s paleo and what isn’t. You just have to figure out what works for you.

  5. Saw an interesting diet in the “woman first” magazine today about a low carb mediterranean diet. It sounded really interesting b/c it was protein/veggies and low carb the first 2 weeks and then added carbs in the 2nd two weeks.

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