On the subject of hummus

March 6, 2012

I love hummus.  I was first introduced to hummus by my sister many years ago.  Together we have enjoyed many tubs of the delicious chickpea, tahini, and garlic blended goodness.  My firstborn enjoyed before she was even born by balancing the large tub on her growing head while still inside my belly.  My sister and I would laugh when the tub bounced as she kicked inside me.  I have tried to make my own hummus but without the magical tahini it doesn’t taste quite right.

Preparing my meals this morning I finished up the last of a jar of Wild Garden hummus and pulled the seal off of a new tub of Sabra roasted garlic purchased this weekend at a price club.  Stirring the hummus and the garlic together I was so excited.  I peeled carrots and chopped pretty orange peppers thinking how much happier I was after I decided not to eat the paleo way for a second day.

Out of habit I glanced at the ingredients listed on the tub.  The first tag was a happy gluten free! on the corner of the label.  Chickpeas, garlic, soybe….., *gasp*, this can’t be.  I looked at the Wild Garden jar no oil at all.  Just chickpeas, water, tahini, spices but Sabra, oh Sabra!  How could you do this to me?  Not even olive oil or grapeseed oil?  The industrial sludge of cooking oils.  Soybean oil.  Sadly, I put the lid back on the tub.  The demons wrestling inside of me.  “Just eat it, no one will know.”  You will be happy to know I gave the tub to a good home.  I should have thrown it away but other people eat soybean oil so I packed it in a brown paper bag and gave it to a friend.  I gave the already fixed portion and the vegetables to another friend for lunch.

It was a reminder that I can’t take anything for granted. Even foods labeled as all natural and healthy may contain components that are not what I would consider “real food.”  What a world.


2 thoughts on “On the subject of hummus

  1. I totally agree: hummus is something I just got into – over the past few months – and I can’t get enough of it. Plus, it has a good amount of protein and magnesium 🙂 Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Our hyvee usually has tahini in the “health foods” section. Just a thought if you want to make your own hummus.

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