Your Humble Guinea Pig

March 4, 2012

Paleo.  Paleolithic.  Hunter-gatherer ancestors of our modern day 40 hour work week society.  Clansmen and women who struggled to survive the climate, elements, injuries,and wild predator attacks.  It was, to be sure, a difficult life and one that I am thankful everyday that I am not a part of.  The word Paleo in modern time represents a lifestyle and diet plan created by Loren Cordain, Ph.D.  This plan strives to mimic the diet of our ancestors.  It includes proteins, fruits and vegetables 85% of the time.  Dairy, grains, nuts,ands seeds are not recommended because they do more harm than good.

I find all plans like this very interesting because they have personal stories of health reclaimed diabetes sent into remission, cancer cured, blood pressure and cholesterol lowered, and heart disease reversed.  What I always find myself questioning is the loss of a complete food group and in this case two food groups in your daily diet.  Perhaps it is because I don’t want to give up those food groups altogether.  I am sure that is the very reason that more have not attempted what I am doing and given up their boxed and refined foods.  They are not convinced that it is absolutely necessary to give up refined sugars and grains to be healthy.  I am not convinced that I have to give up dairy and grains to be healthy.  Maybe all of the cases of health reclaimed by the Paleo diet would have happened had they just started eating real food and left in whole grains and real dairy.

I would like to discuss the fact the all through the book Dr. Cordain shows charts and presents studies about grains and dairies and how they are not good for us.  The nutrients they contain are hard for our bodies to absorb and sometimes keep us from absorbing what we need.  This is essentially his argument for us to stay away from these two food groups.  It is not until the last two chapters of the book that he mentions too much protein is toxic to our livers and to take it kind of easy on the meat especially in infants, toddlers, and pregnant women.  Soooo meat could be bad for us too?  No wonder we are all so confused.

And so here is where I start my first sub-undertaking.  According to The Paleo Answer’s cover I could lose weight, feel great, and stay young in seven days.  Since I am such a glutton for punishment I have decided to eat the Paleo way for seven days and see if I feel better than I do just eating real food.  Dr. Cordain proposes that you can eat however you want 15% of the time.  That means roughly about 3 meals in the 7 day span.  No grains, no dairy for 7 days.  The grains may not be difficult but I really like my yogurt, cheese, and milk.  For the sake of science and my loyal readers I am willing to give it up for a week so we can all find out if it will make a difference.

I believe from the bottom of my heart that eating a diet of real food that keeps oils, and higher fat foods like meat and dairy in moderation is the way we were designed to eat.  I could be proven wrong this week.  Perhaps we weren’t meant to consume grains or dairy.  As always I will attempt to keep an open mind and be honest about my results. What results am I looking for you might ask?  What can I really expect in 7 days?  I will keep it simple, energy throughout the day with no 2:30 in the afternoon crash and at least a 2lb. weight loss. I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Your Humble Guinea Pig

  1. I am on a similar Paleo diet to help prevent multiple sclerosis relapses. I started on December 6th/7th and lost 6 lbs in the first 5 days. I am now down 15 lbs and am never ever starving. I have learned its not what you take away, but instead what you add that leads to the greatest success in a diet. I’ve never ever been on a diet before. Motivation to be healthy and set a good example for your children is really all it should take, but if you are hungry, it’s hard to keep on it. Buckwheat, amarynth flour, almond flour- who knew these things ever existed?

    • My main goal is to eat real food. Things that have no extra ingredients or preservatives. Unfortunately, I don’t think paleo is for me. I love whole dairy products like greek yogurt with raw honey or raw milk cheese. I also love hummus, sweet peas, and peanut butter. From what I have read none of these are part of the paleo way. I am returning to my original journey of cutting out refined and processed foods and eating real whole foods without excluding dairy and legumes. Thank you for you comment! I am happy to hear about your success! I hope that you continue to have good health!

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