58 days

February 28, 2012

It has been 8 weeks since the beginning of my undertaking.

2 month checkup:

Weight: 183 (-6 lbs.) PRO

I record the calories I eat at the end of every day.  I eat real foods all day and usually have not gone over my calorie limit without even trying.  A lot of days I haven’t eaten enough calories. PRO

I am never, ever starving. PRO

Shannon has lost 20+ lbs. just by eating this way.  PRO

Has our lifestyle gotten easier?  Absolutely.  It does not feel like an undertaking anymore and I hesitated typing that word in my opening sentence.  The first time I hit the publish button all of those days ago I was terrified.  What would people think?  It is easy to say you are going to change your diet and alter your lifestyle and then quit after a few weeks or days.  I knew once I published my first post there was no turning back.  It was public and I was accountable for my words. It was hard not to say to myself, “What have I done?  I can’t make this kind of commitment!”  Even though two months is not a very long period of time it is long enough for me to know that I am never turning back.

I have made my mistakes and given in to temptations.  I will think hard before I make those same decisions again.  I have made a few compromises like I still eat Chex cereal and I drink a soda (regular not diet!) now and then.  I could probably count the number of sodas on one hand so it is not even one a week.  I love the way I feel eating real food and the way my food tastes now.  There is a retraining period for your tastebuds.  There are physical withdrawal symptoms that your body goes through.  But then you start to feel so good.  You notice that the constant bloat you carry with you is disappearing.  Your  skin starts to glow and you sleep good every night. I wish I would have taken measurements of myself because my clothes are loose even though I haven’t lost that much weight.    Trust me you want to feel this way!!

Start small and try to eat one meal a day that is nothing but real food.  Stop eating sugar(especially corn syrup) for a couple of days.  If you slowly ease yourself into your new life you might have an easier time than I did. You might regret eating a Snickers bar but you will never regret eating an apple with a handful of cashews or almonds or enjoying an oatmeal cookie made with real butter dunked in an ice cold glass of whole milk.

Can you feel your skin glowing already? 


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