And to Everything There is a Season

February 12, 2012

With all of the thinking about myself and what benefits I am reaping(or haven’t been and think I should be!) from this undertaking I had forgotten about the other members of my household and how they are doing.  I was giving the girls a bath Saturday evening and Shannon and I were visiting.  Shannon casually asked, “Do you want to know how much weight I’ve lost?”  Of course I did.  I felt bad that I hadn’t noticed and that I didn’t even think to ask if he had been losing more weight.  My first reaction was envy and then awe.  This is working.  Shannon has lost 17 lbs.  I haven’t bought Velveeta in a month and he hasn’t even mentioned it. What else haven’t I stopped to notice?

As I was falling asleep one night I realized that in spite of what I have been telling myself I have had a very blessed year.  Yes, I have had a rough spot with my health but if you will indulge me I would like to sidestep and share some of the joy I have experienced as well.

Since my oldest was born she has fought allergies and breathing issues.  She was only a month old when she was given her first round of antibiotics.  She has always used an antihistimine and after a scary round of RSV we gave her a nebulizer treatment everytime she had a runny nose.  Last winter was terrible.  She was always sick and I felt completely helpless.  I prayed every night for her to be well.  I was sick with worry that we would have to take her to the E.R. or that she would start to have problems with asthma.  I begged God to make her well every night as she was falling asleep.

My husband Shannon and I have always attended church together even when we were dating.  I knew he had not been baptized and he seemed to resent me being gone two nights a week for bible studies and Awanas.  We had two very different ideas on how involved we should be in church.  I even attended the church Valentine’s dinner with a friend last year because he did not want to go.  Please don’t think he was a bad husband or mean in any way.  I just did not feel like pushing him to do what he didn’t want to do.  I prayed and prayed that he would want to do more at church and that he would decide to be baptized.

My daughter has not had to have breathing treatments since last spring.  She has had one day with stomach flu and an earache.  I feel as though a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Why hadn’t I noticed how not sick she was this year?  How could I have forgotten how broken-hearted I was all last winter?

Last Sunday Shannon and I were baptized at our church.  Myself, I was baptized many years ago in a Methodist church.   When Shannon was ready to make this commitment to his faith I felt very strongly about rededicating myself.  I had been praying for 5 years that Shannon would decide to take this step.  I was so happy to see him dunked that I started crying and kept crying even through my own baptism. He attended the Valentine’s supper with me this year and has recently volunteered to help pick up and drop off kids at Awanas.

It is hard to realize how happy and fortunate you really are and not want to share it with everyone.  How have you been blessed?  Or are you like me and don’t even know how blessed you are?


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