Soylent Green is made out of People

February 4, 2012

Oh Charlton Heston…I love you.  King of camp.  Who doesn’t have a favorite Charlton Heston line from a movie?  “Let my people go.”   “You damn dirty ape.”  ” I don’t know but he looks pretty bad to me.”   “Soylent green is made out of people…it’s people!.”  You don’t recognize the last one?  In the early ’70’s when cinema was, I feel, at it’s most depressing Charlton was in a futuristic movie called Soylent Green.  Playing a NYC police detective he is investigating murders that leads him to a sickening revelation about a popular food source called “Soylent Green.”  All food was provided by the government and all were different colored “soylents”. Green being the most popular, expensive, and the quickest to run out.  Once Charlton starts shouting and screaming,running through the streets to tell everyone they are eating human beings you expect outrage and disgust. Guess what everyone does?  They shrug their shoulders and go back to life.  A life that includes eating Soylent Green.

Looking at the some of the recent new stories about what is being served to us as food(or I suppose what they have decided to STOP serving as food) I have to wonder if we would just shrug our shoulders and go back to life?  Why aren’t we outraged to hear McDonald’s was putting the “pink slime” that included anti-freeze in their meat and ice cream? A lawmaker in Oklahoma claims that human stem cells are being used in food, Taco Bell finally fessed up to using grains and other fillers in their beef, and have you read a box or can of food ingredients lately? Do you know what any of that is?  I don’t either.  I know most of it is artificial.  If I found a way to cook, season, and serve a piece of plastic would you trust me when I told you to eat it?  Isn’t that exactly what we have been doing for years?

I don’t mean to get on my soap box but reading about Mcdonald’s “pink slime” yesterday sent me over the edgeI know most people are not going to care. They don’t feel sick and it’s quicker and easier.  And let’s not forget the most important thought:  If the government let’s us eat it then it must be safe.  We all know our government would never lie to us.

I just hope the day never comes when a real life Charlton Heston is screaming from the streets that we are eating our own form of Soylent Green.  Or has that day already come and we just shrugged our shoulders and went back to life?


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