I’m just big boned

January 25, 2012


Week 3 checkup

Weight: 188 (+2)  CON

I ate things that I said I was not going to eat, i.e. things with extra ingredients in them.  CON

I have more energy.  PRO

I do not have any joint aches or pains.  PRO

Other digestive issues are gradually beginning to improve PRO

Still not keeping calorie count or food journal.  Apparently, a CON

Shannon has lost 10 lbs.  PRO  ( and was sweet enough to say that my 2 lb gain was from the extra workouts I have been doing)


With another week under my belt and a total of 4 lbs lost and 3 lbs gained I am sure some might be wondering if I feel like this is not working.  It is so easy to get consumed by the numbers.  What do I weigh and how much have I gained/lost?  I had to remind myself last night that I did not start this undertaking as a weight loss diet.  I am doing it to improve my health, get my energy back, feel better overall, and teach my daughters the right way to eat.   In the beginning I told myself any weight loss would be an added benefit.   But, as everyone does, I began to obsess about my weight.

The first week, when I actually lost weight, I did not care if I did.  I ate real food and stopped when I was satisfied.  I was diligent about labels and put a lot of thought into what I was eating.  As the weeks have carried on I have become somewhat lazy reaching for what is easier to eat like a piece of cheese or a handful of nuts instead of cut up vegetables or fruit. ( I found a really delicious raw milk smoked cheddar at a nearby dairy.)  Yes, I can eat cheese and nuts but they do contain more calories and are not as filling.  I will begin to keep a food journal again to see what I am actually consuming in a day.  I don’t think I will be a good testimony to this lifestyle if I weigh 207 lbs. again.

Some of the areas where I went wrong this week: finished the chocolate I had in the freezer, ate spoonfuls of peanut butter while watching late night tv this weekend (I know, gross), a co-worker very sweetly made me gluten-free pasta with meat and cheese sauce one day this week and gluten free Rice Krispy treats.  This is the kind of exception I am willing to make because it was so thoughtful of her to make something special for me.  I ate microwave popcorn with my girls and on accident Shannon bought the wrong kind of sour cream.  It was my fault I did not write down the brand to buy and I have trained him to buy what is on sale.

Where I am successful: working out at least 5 days a week, eating many more vegetables at lunch and dinner.  I don’t pack snacks anymore.  This is a big deal.  I used to really worry that I would get hungy mid-morning and mid-afternoon because my stomach would hurt.   Because of the high fiber in fruits and vegetables and protein in cheese and yogurt I don’t worry about being hungry and eat fewer snacks.

What will the new week bring?  For starters a renewed determination to succeed one meal at a time.



2 thoughts on “I’m just big boned

  1. keep going Mrs. Price!! I would like to see if it worked for you. I’m terrified of the weight they always say college freshmen gain. If this works for you maybe i can try this while I’m away in the fall.

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