Did I really think it would be that easy?

January 17th, 2012

Week 2 Check-up

Weight: 186 (+1 lb) CON

Funny taste has left my mouth.  PRO

There are some weird things happening to me.  My hair is coming out like it did right after I had babies.  Enough hair accumulates in the shower that the water won’t drain.  My stomach is very, very bloated.  My pants feel very tight around my waist.  CON

I am no longer hungry all of the time and have not eaten Hershey’s chocolate in at least 6 days.  PRO

I am still not counting calories or points.  PRO or CON??

I can not explain why I gained a pound this week.  I finally started exercising again which I had not been doing since before Christmas.  I started doing cardio and strength in the form of Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred or Yoga 25-30 minutes at a time.  I did not eat junk food except for some flourless brownie taste testing on Saturday afternoon while working on a new recipe. (I am not ready to share that recipe yet.)  I did eat homemade pizza on Friday evening.  The crust was homemade using a gluten-free rice flour mix.  The toppings were sauce, zucchini, hamburger, peppers, and mozzarella cheese.

I also can’t explain the hair loss or the stomach bloat. That is not something I was expecting and am hoping it is just some weird part of my body detoxing itself.

Finally, the worst part of my week.  On Monday morning I had an “episode” as I have come to call them.  They began last January and I have one every 2 or 3 months.  They do seem to be getting less severe as time goes on.  The first one was on a winter day and I was not at work because of the snow.  I spent the day baking cookies and making homemade chicken and noodles. This was before I knew I was gluten intolerant.  Following a spinach salad for lunch I began to feel sick to my stomach.  The right side of my back ached and nothing settled my stomach.  When I finally got sick for real it was all evening and through the night.  I blacked out a couple of times and remember at one point asking God to help Shannon raise the girls after I died. (Yes, I thought I was going to die!)  Then as suddenly as it began it ended.  I was worn out and tired the next day but no longer sick.  Being the time of year I chalked it up to getting the flu.  After that is when all of the other problems began and I started being tested for various conditions.

The episode on Monday was very brief but came on fast and right after breakfast.  I knew what to expect because it had been happening all year from time to time.  I was grateful my Mom was already planning on coming to visit that day because I didn’t know how I would care for my girls. I was feeling better within the hour.  I suspect I might have some gallbladder issues but every time I have an ultrasound it comes back clear.  Perhaps because of the change in lifestyle I could rid myself of these attacks for good.

So this week wasn’t a successful week.  I don’t have astounding results to share but it is only the second week.     I still firmly believe this is the right thing for me to do.  I will continue my undertaking and keep the hope alive.


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