I’m cleanin’ out my closet

January 11, 2012  (That title is for you A.K.M. wika wika Slim Shady)

Week 1 Checkup-

Weight: 185   (-4 lbs)  PRO

I didn’t write down what I ate or count calories or points.  I simply did my best to eat real life, fresh or frozen, whole foods.   PRO

My stomach doesn’t hurt at night and I don’t feel acid in my throat.  PRO

I think my body is going through some kind of weird detox.  My mouth tastes terrible, I think I am hungry all of the time but really it isn’t hunger.  What I want is sugar in a bag or wrapper so I know it is all in my head.   CON

I stared at the thawing hamburger wondering what I was going to make for supper tonight.  A look in our cabinet told me I had an unopened box of gluten free noodles and a jar of Prego.  I hesitated and then looked at the ingredients on both.  Not bad, the noodles had two ingredients, rice flour and rice bran.  The Prego had tomatos, garlic, olive oil, sugar, wait, sugar?  I guess that was better than the other sauces at the store.  There wasn’t any soybean oil in it.  I figure this first month will be a time to use up and clean out all of the borderline products that we have.  From now on I will make my own sauce with crushed tomatos, olive oil, and garlic.

It has been one week and one day since I began this undertaking and I already want to quit.  Don’t worry I am not going to, but wouldn’t it be easier to just eat Prego?  Easier to enjoy mayonnaise and not attempt to make a ranch dressing that Shannon will like?  Deep inside I want to pop a bag of butter lover’s popcorn and dump a couple of bags of M&M’s in it and chase it down with a Cherry Coke.   But don’t worry I am not going to do that either.  I just wanted you to know that is what I want to do.  I think it is important for everyone to understand that this is hard.  I am not one of those people that will ever want to eat pomegranate shrimp tacos or a lovely kale salad. I know how to make light meals and enjoy them but I am also a person just like you who loves to eat junk.    So if I can do this then I know anyone can do this.  I make the same kind of breakfast, lunch, and supper that you make except that I am going to be using real ingredients instead of opening a box or a freezer bag.  I will make the kind of meals that you can make every single day.  And that is why I am going to keep doing this even when I feel weak.


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