Shannon threw out the Oreos

January 10, 2012

I didn’t tell him to.  I didn’t ask him to.  I didn’t even know he did it.  Shannon threw out the Oreos.

I finally told him on Saturday afternoon that I had started writing this blog.  I asked if he would like to read it and his reply was, “Why?  I am living it.”  I tried to hide my instant hurt and opened the home page of his Kindle Fire and said, “Well, read it if you want.”  He read it but said nothing.  I swear I still have a hard time reading this man.  After supper our oldest asked for a cookie.  I told him to give her one of his Oreo cookies from Christmas and he said they were gone.  “Oh”, I said.  “Did you eat them all?”    “No, I threw them away. They had too much of that bad stuff in them you are talking about.”

All of my previous hurt feelings went away.  He doesn’t need to read the blog.  He is not just watching me do this.  He is “living” it with me.  (Except for his Miracle Whip.  And I am so greatful for his patience that I won’t even think about removing that from our house.)

The weekend gave me a chance to do some research, gain some insight, and think about some questions I was being asked including the big one, “What exactly is it you are doing?”  I received several very helpful suggestions, LOTS of encouragement, and recommendations for books on the Paleo diet which I am eager to read.

I decided to hammer out some solid goals for the coming year that are more specific than just improving my health and possibly losing weight.  Here we go!

1. The inspiration for my undertaking came from reading The 100 Healthiest Foods on Earth by Dr. Jonny Bowden.  It is not a diet book but an encyclopedia with the most nutritious and best for your health foods. I believe if you read you will be shocked as I was as to what is included.  Thankfully, 70% dark Cacoa chocolate! Originally, my plan was to only eat foods that were in this book.  GOAL #1: Eat as many foods from this book as I can.

2. As I wrote about in previous posts I am very concerned with overprocessing, refining, and enriching of grains used in most packaged products.  GOAL #2: If I eat foods in a can, box, bag, etc. I will do my very best to eat the least processed form as I can and NOT eat anything that has been enriched or has ingredients that seem “unnatural” to be in that product.  For example why does a certain brand of Half and Half have corn syrup added to it?  Why isn’t it just cream and milk?

3. Soybean oil, Corn oil, Vegetable oil, and even Canola oil are not in the book by Dr. Bowden.  In fact, in the research I did this weekend several sources claim these oils when used in packaged products are processed at such high temperatures they are still trans fats when consumed.  The trans fat is in small enough amounts per serving the manufacturer can claim No Trans Fats on the package.  Goal #3:  Use only olive oil or butter when cooking at home.  Goal#2 will take care of purchasing products that contain the other oils.

Will I have to make concessions along the way?  Of course.  If I am invited to someone’s house I have no intention of being rude.  My belief is that we eat too many of these foods on a regular basis.  By altering my lifestyle to eat more natural on a regular basis then I believe consuming these overprocessed, refined foods from time to time should not affect our health in the way that they are right now.  And by time to time I mean hardly ever.

It has been exactly one week since I began this health experiment, this undertaking as I call it.  And believe me it is an undertaking.  I imagine you are wondering have I lost weight (I know this is the biggie!), do I already feel better, how much work is it really, and isn’t it expensive to buy groceries?

I weigh in tonight.  Aren’t you excited for tomorrow’s post to find out all of the answers to your questions?  


2 thoughts on “Shannon threw out the Oreos

  1. I am so proud of you and I will do a LOT better at following this plan for eating better things too. Rocco has a new book/ cookbook that addresses this kind of thing. I just bought it last week and I will start reading it tonight!

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