Where it all went wrong

January 7, 2012

Do you remember when you were a kid (or an adult) and your family got their first microwave?  The stores began to stock their shelves with all kinds of amazing products.  I was so envious of some of my friends.  Not only were they “town kids” who could ride their bikes to each other’s house’s after school but for some reason most of their parents had Redenbacher’s microwave popcorn, microwaveable mac and cheese, pizza rolls!, pop tarts!, frozen pizzas!  Juice boxes and cans of Pepsi filled their fridges and rolls of cookie dough in the freezer.  There were no generic options for most of these new products and my family could not afford to buy such wonders.

And the commercials on Saturday mornings in between cartoons filled my head with even more things I should want. Breakfast cereals that were fortified and “a part of this complete breakfast.”  Messy Marvin advertising Hershey’s Syrup. “It’s not butter, dah dah dah dah!, It’s Imperial.”  Bubble Yum, Twizzlers, oh I could just go on and on.  Convenient, easy, and nutritious, everything fortified with minerals and nutrition.

Are you in your 30’s or 40’s?  How many people do you know with health problems already?  The kind of conditions that you only used to hear about from time to time.  If you are like me, too many have thyroid conditions, have had their gallbladders removed, digestive issues like heartburn, reflux, or gluten intolerance.  Why are these so prevalent now?  What is the common link?  My theory, obviously since I am doing this experiment, is that these artificially flavored, highly processed, filled with hydrogenated oils and soy products, and corn syrup, sugar are going to be the ruin of some of us.  I can’t tell you why some are affected and others are not but I also can’t explain why one smoker may get lung cancer and another can live until 101.

Now on to the important things for the day.  What will I eat for breakfast?  We are running low on eggs, I am a little burned out on apples and peanut butter ( the peanut butter issue, well that is for another day) and there is a bag of steel cut oats in the cabinet that I have not been brave enough to try as a hot cereal.  It’s looking like today is the day.  Wish me luck.  Enjoy your weekends and tune in next week.


7 thoughts on “Where it all went wrong

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    • When we were kids? or Now? If I was at a friends house as a kid I ate all of their junk! At home we had eggs, meat, canned veg and fruit. In the summer a lot of bologna, white bread, and potato chips. In high school and college all junk all the time.

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