And So It Begins

January 3, 2012   Day 1

It is starting to hit me what a huge undertaking my decision is actually going to be.  I saw the doubt in the other women’s eyes tonight as I explained my quest to regain my health.  As of this day and hour I am tired of being tired, depressed, overwhelmed, and without becoming too vulgur, constant digestive issues that include many trips to the bathroom.

My age: 35  Weight: 189 lbs  Height: 5’7”  Health issues:  Anemia and gluten intolerance   I am  currently taking 3, 65 mg iron supplements each day (well most days).

I am tired of the so-called plans and diets.  I want to regain my health and energy.  I want to fill my mind, body, soul, and heart with all of the good things of the Earth that were given to us by the Lord.  Our entire universe was designed by one creator.  There is a plan of growth for every seed and animal.  Human beings are not different.  The difference is that besides our growth plan we also have a plan for maintenance.  That plan has been distorted by packages, boxes, and the use of sugars and overprocessed grains.

So, what is the “huge undertaking” I previously spoke of?  I am setting a goal of perfect health through nutrition.  By the end of 2012 I hope to be eating a diet of all-natural unprocessed foods. I hope to kick Cookies, Cakes, and Candies back to the special occasion fodder they were intended to be.  I intend to cut back my grain intake to corn as a vegetable and possibly cereal, rice at times, and oatmeal.  (flax and quinoa are actually seeds)

Am I crazy?  Will I be touted as a “nut” and ignored?  Or will I prove to myself and inspire others to believe that nutrition, nutrition designed by God, is the key to perfect physical, mental, and spiritual health?  Day 1 is over and I failed.

But tomorrow is a brand new day.


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